Mistress Nikita:
Welcome to my online chambers.

If you have never used my services before, I will introduce myself to you, read closely.

  • My name is Nikita, I am a Professional domanatrix mistress therefore 'I' am the dominant being and I expect to be respected by you at all times. You should be the submissive one, and what I say goes.
  • I can fulfill your fantasies, however their are boundaries. I do not! under no circumstances have sexual intercourse with you. I have warned you once so do not ask me - you will not recieve a reply.

  • I am based in coventry in the west midlands area.

                                       Visitor's notice

A notice to all of my visitors. I will not provide you with a service unless you are of a legal age - 18. NO YOUNGER. If you do become one of my most loyal clients then i may.... give you a loyalty discount. I said may. I make no promises.